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Rightwing Guy

What a shame, Screw the ACLU


ACLU Opposition to Marines Praying-Fiction!

Summary of the eRumor
The eRumor is accompanied by a picture with a group of Marines bowed in prayer. It quotes an ACLU spokesperson named Lucius Traveler as saying that they are government employees who are on government property and that such prayer needs to be stopped. The Truth This is false. The ACLU says it has not issued any opposition to military personnel praying and that there is no one named Lucius Traveler in their ranks.

We have not been able to find a "Colonel Jack Fessender" who is quoted in the eRumor as responding to the ACLU.

Last updated 12/24/03


Staff Sergeant Michael Renuard, United States Army

I have to say that when I recieved the e-mail of the comments made about the Marines and thier employment status as apposed to thier rights to pray and to say that cause they are Government employees they don't have the right to pray cause it is an infringement of rights. Let me just say this, maybe if you are not the one who is out there with a gun manning a post then perhaps you should remember that those "Government Employees" are carrying a gun and standing a post so you have the right to oppose prayer and where they pray. If you never stopped to think about this in that manner maybe you should step off your high horse long enough to look and recognize no matter how you feel and how you express it, someone like those Marines, my fellow Army Soldier's and I, and the armed forces in whole are the ones who make it so you can. This is not a joke to me as a Soldier and will not be carried as such and I don't really believe your web site being bias to yourself and you telling me that it's fiction and remember all fiction is based on some in part with truth. Instead of doing this in a protected mode maybe you could not hide behind the web site and come out and say it to our faces. I am willing to bet that you will not get very far when you see the look of war and compassion all at the same time behind our eyes. If your gonna support us the do so if not just keep your mouth shut.

FreeWorld Community

Who is ACLU? Another puppet, another coward...just like UN, but on a smaller scale.

America, the land of the brave will obviously produce brave soldiers. I always pray for our brave army. Long live this great country of ours.


The goverment is fucking a fundamentalist establishment. Perhaps maybe one or several of these soldiers are buddhist, muslim, or god forbid atheist! What if you don't pray? Is that not part of the american agenda? Pray at home all you want to, but it is fair to remove god from the government! Religion creates wars and segregates people and does not belong anywhere in the government or in the army or in any kind of workplace period.


This is one of the aspects i dispize about the military. I am anti US Government right now and want to instill the CONSTITUTION back into America. Church should have no clause with state, and be taxed just like the rest of the people (if taxes are presented) On taxes though, they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! We as americans have forgot why we have this country, and why we instilled it. We let the government tell us how to run our lives, while the CONSTITUTION states "We the People" which means you and I. We are the governors, congress, VOICE of America. Stop letting this country walk on your back and begin to break it, things like praying without the choice is an act of Communism and slavery. Be the right person and stop supporting the US Government and start helping in the cause of America.


it is as easy as leaving the U.S.A. but no you communist bastards are willing to take the glory our kids offer and you are to chicken shit to offer.



I have no idea what that means, but maybe somebody else can figure it out.


Our entire country is in the process of being destroyed, nationalized and evolving to a socialist country. We sit back and watch the slow deterioration of our rights which will ultimately lead to armageddon. This is not the greatest country on earth it is a joke being financed by China. America is a second rate country.


Maybe u idiots need to remember who founded our country. Didn't u take history class moron our constitution was based on beliefs that directly related to God. Nobody forces anyone to pray and to tell people they cant pray for their troops is rediculous


There are no atheists in a fox hole


This is a hoax:


Jeanne Mayes

People this is a hoax. It never happened. Look up Lucius Traveler, ACLU and there are many sites saying he didn't even exist. Check snopes! It is one of many sites saying this a lie, and that both Traveler and Fessender don't exist.Stop passing things around that are lies, without bothering to check the facts.http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/marines.asp

Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.)

Don't believe the lies of Snopes and the rest of the liberal media. I am real and I am running for President. FACT.
- Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.)


Lucius Traveler

You may have won this time, Fessender, but this is only the beginning. Soon, Snopes and the ACLU will disprove the existence of conservatism itself, or my name isn't Lucius Traveler! FACT.

Bill Nussbaum

Fessender! Traveler! Quit messing around and get back to stealing tacos for me!
-Bill Nussbaum, Commandant USMC & President of the ACLU

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