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FreeWorld Community

UN is nothing more than a coward group of bas**rds who are there to give solace to the terrorist and the communist nations. Russia and China are also cowards, so much so that they can bow down to the Islamic fascists.

America does not need these puppets as their allies. Yes, everyone hates our brave nation just because we are the best. Our single soldier is enough for millions of terrorists out there.

Its time for US to sit back, relax and enjoy its freedom. When the world crumbles without America, we will surely hear desperate cries of help.

Long Live America!!! The land of the free, the land of the brave...

Old Soldier

I agree. Why we are still a part of the UN is beyond me. I have seen nothing that they do that serves us at all. The UN forces won't fight, but often run or are forced by higerup to retreat. hmmm.

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