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Dave Dunbar

US Atty. Johnny Sutton still will not commit to prosecuting the smuggler in a drug case where the perptrator DOES NOT have immunity. Ramos & Compean had a right to confront their accuser at truial NOT
his counsel. Go after these things please. DD

Jake Jacobsen

Hey Chief,

Jake from Freedom Folks here.

We are getting ready to go active with the Blogs For Borders blogroll. We'll be doing a video blogburst every Tuesday. You can see the first one here...


I wanted to make sure you were on board cuz I know how passionate you are about this issue.

Can't wait to hear what you think.

If you want to host the burst please send me an email so I can add you to the mailing list.

Thanks and all the best,


It is good that the Border Patrol Agents went to prison. They did not go to prison for doing their job they went to prison because they broke the law. They are where they belong along with durg dealers and other law breakers.


No, actually the ILLEGAL ALIEN drug dealer is still on the street, selling poison to our children. He was since arrested at least one more time hauling drugs across the border. Likewise, the ILLEGAL ALIEN murderer in Newark was let out on the street time and time again before he finally killed three people. Those 3 murders, just like the repeated rape of a 5-year old girl by the very same ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILD RAPIST & MURDERER were 100% PREVENTABLE CRIMES. Just like the ILLEGAL ALIEN MURDERERS in Oregon that killed a 15 year old girl by standing on her throat so she couldn't get away while they raped her - 100% PREVENTABLE. I could keep going on all day, but it won't bring back any of these dead victims of illegal alien criminals, now will it? Maybe we need to shoot more ILLEGAL ALIENS in the ass - maybe if they got shot in the ass everytime they tried to cross our border without permission, Americans and the LEGAL immigrants living in America could finally have a safe, peaceful country again.

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