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Dr. Mat Echols

Mr. Hayworth,

Glad you are on talk radio! Just a short comment. When you had Randy of the Republican Party on your show today, I had difficulty in not comparing him as being an official of the Democrat party. When it comes to the border and amnesty, what is the difference anymore? Both sides don't seem to really care for America's security.

Mat in Mesa


I am for legal immigration..people from other countries/cultures that want to assimilate and make this their home.
I am NOT for this bill which gives a free pass to everyone in the world. If this bill passes, I will never vote for a Rebublican/Conservative Again!! But, by then, it won't make any difference , as the Latinos or Muslims will be governing the former U.S.A.

Ruth Sjaardema

We keep hearing of how we need the cheap labor of the Mexicans, but, if the illegals become legal, they will have to be paid minimum wage. Right?

Ruth Sjaardema


I was listening to your radio talk show yesterday and first, I do agree the Arizona Republic should consider changing their name to the Arizona "Repugnant". I was scanning the aforementioned newspaper online today and came across the article concerning the 8.2 percent output Arizona would lose if illegal immigrants were removed from our state, I wonder where the article concerning how much money Arizona would regain each year if it did not have so many 1000's of illegal immigrants locked up in our jails in Florence receiving free room, board and medical attention was printed. They even receive this attention ahead of others at the hospital. And how much of this lost output would be regained if Arizona did not have to pay to return these illegal immigrants home, did not pay for (or is it Federal) the children of illegal immigrants to receive an education, receive free food, receive free medical attention???? Shouldn't the Arizona Repugnant be forced to print a "counter" article?
Also, who paid for this person at U of A to research this information and why???
Thx for the great show!
A new fan!

Ed McCormick

Hello Jd, as Sam Stieger once said there are three teyps of Az those who are born heere and like it that way, those who come from elsewaare and like it that way.then there are those like the gov who come from op and want this state just as messed up as where they come from with stadiums larg buildings with no cosideration for schools or hospitals,we need to run them back where they came from. Thanks Ed

Ed McCormick

In 1968 I lived in Houston Tx and worked for G Bush S.in his quest for the senate against Loyd Benson which he lost but at the time I met Jr and Jeb at their home in Riveroaks. I voted for both Georges and have always had respect for both of them untill the comotion on the border where the two federal oficers were imprisoed for shootig a drug dealer. If Billy can give out so many pardons and pres Bush can pardon Liby why cant something be done for the oficers that have been hired to protect us from those who have brokcen the law. In living in Sa. for many years I realiz how powerful the Mexcan drug curtel is but we cant turn our backs on the federal officers who protect us on the border.JD please let me know what I can do.I will be 59 this year, Thanks Ed


Dear J.D.

I am concerned that the reason that the Libs want us to crown McCain as our nominee is because they have plans to contest his nomination or contest his seat if he wins the election because he is not a "natural born citizen" as mentioned in the constitution. Has the definition of "natural born citizen" ever been tested in court? If a child of citizens is born out of the country, are they automatically a citizen or not?

Could it be that if the Libs attack the nomination of McCain, Romney the second in line may benefit. But if, Libs wait and take McCain to court to disqualify McCain to sit as president (should he win the election), could it be possible that the VP elect Possibly Huckabee)would be seated instead as Pres.

Perhaps VP to President is the road Huckabee is following with his fauning over McCain. No wonder Huckabee only attacks Romney.

I am for Romney, to avoid the bad temperment, swearing, lying, traitorous, backroom democratic collusions of McCain with the democrats to pass liberal bills and assaults on the Constitution.

The thing that bothers me the most is McCain's arrogance that "only he knows best". McCain is not teachable, he doesn't listen to people and refuses to acknowledge the opinions of others to their face. When McCain had the arrogance to tell Romney what Romney's opinion was and that he, McCain, was the expert on Romney's position, it was obvious to me how truly arrogant and prideful McCain is.

legrande lamb

I have two thoughts, one on immigration and the other on Social Security problem.
On Immigration my thought is to take a map of the southern border of Arizona, from the point that it goes North and Westerly draw the line straight west to the gulf of California. Then tell Mexico if they want us to keep these illegals, screen the problematic deport them and we would let the rest apply for citizanship. The cost would be give us this land. Arizona would get Rocky Point and a possible sea port. Arizona could develop Rocky Point, sell Real Estate, the illegals would go for it, I think 80 per cent of those who oppose amnesty would go for it, and 22 million truckers who do not like going to California to pick up cargo. This would save 400 miles, and not having to go through California laws and regulations.
On the problem of Social Security, I think the Federal Government, and the State Governments have no business in being in Business, and this includes land, Farming, Ranching. The Blm, and The state who are land owners should give the leesees first chance to buy their lands, and all of the proceeds should go into a perpetual fund and shoud go into the Social Security program. After all the govt stold the land from the indians, and have no business of owning thes lands.... LeGrande Lamb

Donald F Lamontagne

Mr Hayworth
I've been trying to reach you I supported McCain against Bush in NH primary, at the time I was a member of the general court. Could you have one of your people contact me, McCain should not be re-elected.

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