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Maybe if the makers of this ad had the courage to define who "they" are, maybe they wouldn't have this problem. Instead, they just hurl insults vaguely directed at a giant swath of the American public who was just as upset over 9-11 as anybody else.

Jenn of the Jungle

Well now heaven forbid they piss off a muzzie.


Internet is the best source of freedom, we can get all the things we want to know.

elliptical reviews

No offense, but i suggest admin adding a google+ button for easy share!


There are Many good and proper Motions that can be put to the United Nations General Assembly, and it does not have to be Serbia that puts these motions, because the United Nations is the International Community, and not the American Led West.

It does not matter if these Motions have a Majority Vote, as long as they are Globally Publicized, because any Majority for America proves that they Bribed, Pressured, or ordered their Puppets to help supply a Majority.

We have much evidence of American Arrogance and Hubris, and of the Clinton Democrats’ supposed Humanitarian intervention in Kosovo that helped the Islamic Terrorists against the Innocent Non Albanians, and there are some interesting things associated with the Kosovo Albanian Flag, and that Flag can be found on the Internet.

We know that Bill Clinton started this Illegal and Immoral War to deflect attention away from Monica Lewinsky and the white stain he left on that blue dress.

The Hubristic American Clintonite minds used the fact that the map of Kosovo does look like a human orifice, but Monica Lewinsky should not be asked to testify to this in a Court of Law.

It is the same blue colour as the dress Monica Lewinsky wore when President Bill Clinton left a white trail of semen on it, and the Kosovo map has a white trail of stats above the map of Kosovo, and President Bill Clinton may have been looking at a human orifice at that time.

This was done Intentionally and Hubristically, and if we study the facts about Kosovo all know what sick People the Clinonites are, and this should be the topic of a Motion that is forwarded to the United Nations General Assembly.

The Muslim Albanian Terrorists of Serbia’s Province of Kosovo have the help of French, German, and other European Male Politicians to break away from their Legal Country of Serbia, because the Muslim Albanians do not want Infidels, and People of other Races in their localities, and they have been scheming this since their 1878 League of Prizren Public Declaration.

America, NATO, and the Male European Union Politicians started an Illegal and Immoral war in Kosovo using fallacies in order to try to steal Serbia’s Province of Kosovo, as a place to do their Secret Dirty Things.

We all know that there has recently been a Referendum in the North of Kosovo, and the Non-Albanians Overwhelmingly expressed that they do not want to be murdered, or driven from their houses and land, or for their friends and families to be murdered or driven from their houses and land.

The Referendum Result showed that 99.74 % Voted that they do not want to be ruled by Racist Albanians who hate all other Races.

Many People suspect that former American President Bill Clinton fantasises over having a Harem, and President Clinton has visited Pristina which is the Muslim City of Serbia’s Province of Kosovo, and President Bill Clinton has a Boulevard named after him, and a Statue of him in the Muslim Capital City of Pristina, in Kosovo.

The short and concise Video that is Titled: History of Kosovo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-_QHbUGW6Y . unless someone changes the title and contents of that Video in order to try to discredit what I wrote.

Sofa Table

Hello Everyone
NBC, CBS Refuse Ground Zero Mosque Ad
I should admit the entire article has been very enlightening and intensely well crafted. You should keep it up forever! Best of luck

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